June 29, 2016

4 ways to find the best content writing service for your business


best content writing service for your business website

There’s a lot to consider when writing content for business websites. It has to be clear, succinct and compelling. On top of that, it has to appeal to your specific target market. If you don’t strike these in the right balance, you won’t have persuasive copy that engages your audience.

That’s why getting a professional to articulate your services and products is essential. But how do you get the right person for the job? In this article, we explore some of the ways you can find a great copywriter to write your content.

1) Know what you want

Before you start looking for someone to do a job for you, make sure you know exactly what you want. That way, you can get a writer who specialises in that particular field. For example, do you need an overall strategy with content pillars and journey maps? Or perhaps you’re designing a brochure to hand out to prospective clients. Some agencies or content writers will be able to offer it all, but be prepared to pay a premium for highly skilled professionals.

Don’t know what you want, or where to start? Choose someone with strong content strategy skills, who will consult with you to define your needs first. They’ll recommend deliverables that meet your goals – which will return far better results than trying something and hoping for the best.

2)  Ask around

Asking your network for recommendations is more valuable than you might think. Why? Because your referrer has essentially tested the service in question and has come back with positive results. You get first-hand knowledge without having to figure it out yourself. You’re even more likely to get a great writer if they were referred to you by someone you’re particularly close with, who knows your business well.

3) Be wary of SEO companies

The main aim of most SEO companies is to provide you with keywords and tools to boost your online presence – not to weave these elements into a cohesive, attractive piece of content. Ever seen clunky web content that uses the same words and phrases over and over again? That’s the result of someone using SEO tactics without thinking of the reader. But this is where your copywriter comes in. Having a writer who understands SEO and can write optimised content that reads well to your target audience ticks all the boxes.

4)  Study copywriters’ portfolios

To get an idea of the style and skill of a writer, check their portfolio. You should be able ascertain the types of jobs they’re particularly good at. For example, are they more of a lifestyle or technical writer? Have they worked for reputable companies, or done an impressive job for a company in your industry? These are all questions that can help you decide if someone is the right fit.

For professional writers who have worked for some of Australia’s most esteemed brands, give Avion a call. We’re experts at digital communications and would love to create content that distinguishes your business.

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