February 9, 2015

4 ways to find trending topics for social media posts


To attract potential clients, many businesses have turned to social media. Whether your topic covers news, tips for writing web content or the latest technology developments, the key goal should be to ensure you deliver relevant posts to your followers.

But it can be a struggle choosing and finding topics that will catch the eye, or keep readers interested. Here are 4 ways we recommend you find trending topics for future social media posts.

1. Google Trends & Yahoo! News Trending Now

Researching Google Trends and Yahoo News Trending Now will help you figure out what are the most searched terms per region/country and worldwide.

Google Trends allows you to review data around specific keywords entered into Google Search. On the other hand, Yahoo News Trending Now displays what stories are the most popular.

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2. Facebook and Twitter trends

Facebook trends automatically appear on the right hand side of your newsfeed, located just above the ad space area. Twitter trends are available for all to see, usually on the left side of the page and can be targeted by location. (Note: the placement of these trends may be subject to change.)


3. Membership-driven blog sites and forums

Signing up to be a member of different blog sites and forums provides a great range of ideas for content. You’ll be able to see what people are discussing and even find resources that will inspire your next batch of social media posts. In addition to industry-related conversation, you may come across some discussion related to the core of your business, upon which you can share advice with others then inform how you could help (if suitable).

4. Social media analytics tools

Once you’ve posted, it’s important to measure what your followers and clients engaged with the most. Popular social media tool Hootsuite has an analytics area in which you can check what posts were most liked, shared and commented on. Facebook also features a similar function. By reviewing such data, you’ll know what’s most popular – then you can create/share similar posts. Just don’t forget to respond to any follower interaction and engage yourself in the process as well.

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