October 10, 2014

5 customer service tips


customer service image

As the saying goes, “The customer is always right”.

This might not always be true – but since it is important for a business to earn revenue to keep it running, customer service should be a priority.

It is always very nice to have new customers because for business owners, this means more profit. But it is often forgotten that existing customers are just as valuable. We can easily do business with them because of the transaction history and trust – not to mention that satisfied customers are the best advertisers and sales agents we could have. The use of word of mouth referrals is the best marketing strategy that loyal customers provide for FREE.

Here are some customer service tips we recommend you use for attracting and managing clients. Done well, they won’t hesitate to come back to you for more.

1. Foster conversation via social networks online

Having an online presence is a necessity for businesses nowadays. If you want to attract and keep customers it is important that you get active on social media platforms. Being well connected makes sure that your business reaches both potential and loyal customers. It is also a great way to create a brand image for your business, and influence how prospects or customers see you.  Try to share relevant information and content that encourages people to interact with you.

2. Build rapport with your customers

It is important to create customer relationships – not just business transactions. Niceties go a long way. Do not forget to greet them or ask them how their weekend has been. Such small gestures can make your customers feel more comfortable, cooperative and honest with you in voicing their needs.

3. Keep to your word

Do not say yes to everything if you cannot deliver. If you promise something, you have to do it. Not keeping to your word is very detrimental for business. If a customer asks for something that is unrealistic, be honest and assertive: tell them the reasons why you can’t provide what they’re after. Ensure you give them options so they feel you are there to help.

4. Keep It Short and Simple (KISS)

Time is gold. If you are pitching a proposal or sending your customer an email, make sure that you ‘Keep It Short and Simple’. Make them aware that you value their time while still maintaining a friendly manner. You may need to have an intro, but do not make this too long. Do not use jargon or technical terms that they may not understand.

5. Know when to move on

What happens when you have worked hard in winning a potential customer or keeping an old one, but fail? You need to review all of your hard work and assess what may have gone wrong. Create a plan on how you can resolve such issues in the future or improve on any customer service strategies that you may have. Make this a learning experience then move on. Remember, there are a lot of other potential customers for you to pay attention to – just be sure to apply what you’ve learnt.

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