July 14, 2016

5 reasons why your business should have a blog


a woman inside the office looking at two computer screens, making blog for business

Blogs are a fantastic way to discover industry news, insights and how-to guides. Whether posts are evergreen content or triggered by a specific update or event, hundreds of voices are contributing to your industry’s blog community.

If you check these blogs regularly – or even if you just check in on them every now and then – you may have wondered: is there any merit to adding your company’s voice to the mix by publishing your own?

The answer is yes. Definitely.

Blogs provide not only an exceptional platform to show off your business’ individuality, they are also a great way to connect with customers and gain recognition.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a blog:

1. Blogs let you communicate and connect with your customers and clients

People are natural communicators – we love to let each other know how we feel and why. A blog is an outlet for your business to unleash its ideas, views and individuality to showcase its unique flair.

If you allow comments on your posts or share your blog on your social medial platforms, blogs also provide your clients and fellow industry professionals with an interactive space that encourages discussion.

2. Blogs boost SEO

Oftentimes, most of the content on your website is set and forget. Perhaps you’ll update it every few years, or when your services change in some way. However, a regularly updated website (to which your blog contributes) is favoured by search engines over sites that lay stagnant for years. No matter whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly, Google prefers sites that are updated often.

More pages on your website also grows your opportunity to use relevant keywords in context – increasing your chances of being found in search results.

Because of their longer word count, blogs give you an unrestricted opportunity to weave in as many key words as you like and allow you to expand your search key words.

3. Blogs show your credibility and reliability

If the information you are publishing is credible, you’re considered a reliable source. A blog is an easy way to show the public that you’re a thought leader in your industry. What better way to increase your value to your customers than by sharing your untapped knowledge?

4. Blogs fuel and bolster your social media accounts

Your blog is fodder for your social media accounts and ensures that you have substantial content to circulate. Sharing your own content is often received far better than sharing articles from other sources.

Encouraging discussion and engagement on your links to your posts means you’ll have provided a clever lead to your website.

5. Blogs are developmental tools

Writing about topics relevant to your business means that you – and your team – are forced to research, learn and communicate your understandings. This constant production of information keeps you on your toes and up to date on your industry while encouraging you to hone your writing skills. All of this development while creating exposure? Not bad.

Contact us today about how we can help you reap the benefits of an excellent professional blog.

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