January 17, 2017

5 reasons why website content writing should be done by a professional SEO writer


why website content writing should be done by a professional SEO writer

1. They can write SEO-friendly headlines

Website content writers understand how to leverage headlines and subheadings to get your content seen online. Utilising keywords, numbers and proper indexing gives your page credibility – basically, it gets Google all gooey-eyed.

2. They’re up-to-date on the latest trends

By trends, we don’t mean the latest avocado on toast topping. We mean the latest updates to Google’s algorithms – and trust us, they change a lot. For example, not all keywords are created equal. SEO crawlers have evolved, and now focus more on online behaviour, keyword intent and long-tail searches. It’s all about providing a solution to your audience’s problem, and a professional copywriter will be able to craft your copy in a way that highlights this.

3. They understand voice

Voice and tone is incredibly important in professional website copywriting. You might not realise that you’re using passive voice, which is giving your content a lifeless feel. A professional copywriter understands how to integrate active voice to keep your content engaging, while channelling your brand’s tone to communicate your message in a way your audience can understand.

4. They won’t ‘over-optimise’ your SEO value

Keyword density is an outdated SEO strategy, which lent itself to keyword ‘stuffing’ and poor content. A professional copywriter understands how keyword use has grown over time, and will carefully place relevant search terms throughout your content in a way that sounds natural and on-brand.

5. They’ll include Meta data

Often overlooked, Meta descriptions are incredibly valuable to your online visibility – it’s that snippet of content below the link on a Google search result. Professional writers understand how to make the most of the small word limit to create original, compelling meta descriptions that encourage readers to click your link.
If you’re looking to boost your online legitimacy with professional, SEO-optimised content, get in touch with the friendly Avion Communications team now. Our suite of website content writing services will have your pages amplified and clickable in no time.

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