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5 tactics I use for remote collaboration

If you think collaborating with a remote team is hard, try collaborating with a remote team across multiple time zones! In this article, I share 5 key strategies that I lean on every day to keep international projects moving. Collaboration strategy 1: Know your time zones The United States has 6 time zones. So, as … Continued

Who writes your copy? Spotlight on… Doug Ross

Hi there, I’m one of Avion’s Senior Copywriters, having recently joined the team in June. I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about where I’ve come from and what attracted me to Avion in the first place. Freelance, client-side, agency-side… Copywriters work in all sorts of settings. I started out as a freelancer, as … Continued

Doug Ross, Avion copywriter

What content strategy lessons are driving us in 2021?

By 2000, only half of the U.S was using the internet. Think about it—only two decades ago we were questioning if the web would really take off. Just as the internet is still in its infancy, content strategy is even younger. But how we create, discover and use it is evolving at lightspeed. Here are … Continued

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What we’ve learned writing for eCommerce

There’s no denying we do things at our own pace in Australia. Head to Europe, the UK and the US and you see eCommerce has been adopted much more quickly by consumers, especially in retail. We’ve been a little slower to adopt these trends. This comes despite goliaths like Amazon making tentative steps in the … Continued

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Avion’s work helping the next gen of healthcare professionals

Hi there, At Avion, producing effective web content for the education sector is in our DNA. Having partnered with clients such as Monash University and Study Victoria over many years, we’re proud of our work and the role it has played in upskilling people around the world. Relaunching the IHNA website One of our latest … Continued

IHNA website

Why biases in behavioural psychology are important to content strategy

An effective campaign may tantalise the senses, but our biases often influence how we perceive products and services. An understanding of cognitive biases can help achieve cut-through in a world overly saturated in messages. Cognitive biases are broadly defined as the patterns you default to when making sense of the world. While they help conserve … Continued

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What is a voice content strategy?

A voice content strategy involves optimising your content to be picked up by voice search queries, facilitated by the likes of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. From smartphones to home and car devices, voice search is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives. Over half of all adults have used voice search at some point, … Continued

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Who writes your copy? Spotlight on… Laura Kowski

Hi there! I’m Laura, a copywriter and conversation designer here at Avion. If that second part made you scratch your head, I encourage you to read more about conversation design. I’ve only been here for a month, but what a month it’s been! Things are well and truly taking flight… Highlights and key insights I’ve … Continued

Laura Kowski, Avion copywriter