December 8, 2014

How to come up with good blog ideas


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Do you want to start blogging but you feel that you are not equipped? Do you want to write a blog but just don’t know what you will write about? Do you spend a lot of time thinking of topics to write but when you finally decided on a topic you still don’t know how to start?

This is one of the main problems of non-bloggers like me. Whenever I face the computer with a blank screen for me to type on, ideas rarely pop into my head. The problem is that my mind goes totally blank.

So what to do about it? Here are the some tips to follow that should help you come up with good blog ideas.

Read books and articles

Reading is the best way to gather ideas for your blog. Choose a field or topic that you are interested in and read as much books or articles about it. This will be additional knowledge for you and will help you write about it.

Attend seminars

You should attend different kinds of seminars for your personal development. This will help you gain views and insights about certain topics from intelligent people. You can also get insights from other experts or even from the viewers too.

Connect with other people

Attending social gatherings, events or seminars will help you build your connections. Sharing ideas is the best way to connect and learn. Try sharing your thoughts to other people as well, you will not only have a chance to share what you have learnt but will also leave a good impression to your new acquaintance.

Keep a notebook

Have a little notebook in your pocket so whenever an idea comes out of your mind you can immediately write it on your notebook. Once you have time you can come back to your notes and try organising it. And when you are ready to write a blog you can easily have little ideas to help you start with.

Write, write and write

Try to spend at least 30 minutes just trying to write anything that comes out of your mind about a certain topic even if the ideas seem to be disorganised. Just write and do not edit anything just yet. Spend that first 30 minutes just writing then you can go back and read what you have just written. Then you can start from there and continue writing.

As the saying goes ‘Practice makes perfect’. Try to write what you feel and what you think. Express yourself through writing. The more you write the better you get.

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