November 9, 2014

Customer advocacy & companies with heart


Screenshot from YouTube video of social enterprise Toms Shoes

I’m stoked to have worked with Australian social enterprise Thankyou last month. Since 2008, it’s funded 143 projects and won 2 awards. Its pledge to contribute profits towards the greater good of mankind warms the heart and soothes the soul.

Such success reminds us that emotions drive buyer behaviour. People decide based on how they feel – and if they agree with what you stand for, they will support you all the way. (For those who haven’t seen it, please watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action.)

Another hugely successful social enterprise that makes its cause known is Tom’s shoes. View the video below to find out more.

I once heard a quote that really resonated with me by Lisa Ronson, Head of Mass Marketing Services at Westpac: “Every dollar you spend contributes to the world you want to live in.”

What do you believe in? Whether you work in social enterprise or not, be sure to tell customers what you’re passionate about, and why you love to do what you do.

Till next time. Best wishes from Natalie and the Avion team.

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