August 30, 2021

Driving start-up success in the US


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It’s hard to believe it’s been 1.5 years since Avion expanded from its Australian roots into the US market. During this time, we’ve managed to secure fantastic work with clients such as world-renowned research firm Gartner, along with some exciting software start-ups. We’d love to share them with you, so we’ve listed the companies below.

Streamlining the search for quality educators with Own Pool

Finding quality substitute teachers at the last minute is stressful. Own Pool is an easy way to schedule quality educators, fast. It automates communication—and this means less mucking around with phone and email and more time on your hands.

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Transforming inboxes across America with InMoat

Email distractions are a working professional’s worst enemy. Luckily, InMoat has built an extension that automatically deflects email distractions according to your priorities. It allows you to take back time and focus on more important tasks in your day.

“Natalie and the Avion team were outstanding in helping us bring our brand’s identity together. Their content planning and copywriting were exactly what we needed as we prepared our go-to-market strategy.”

– James Vukasinovic, Co-founder & Marketing, InMoat

Revolutionising how we look at receipts with IHR

Less than 1% of customers use paper receipts after a purchase. They often end up in the trash. IHR is a new tech startup that created the I Hate Receipts app to scan and digitised paper receipts and then store them in a secure cloud-based vault—enabling brands to turn receipts into a more meaningful conversation.

“We were looking to establish ourselves as thought leaders in a new market. Avion worked with us to define a content marketing project that met our near-term goals of raising awareness and establishing credibility. I was particularly impressed by their knowledge of and resources in the fintech space, which accelerated our ability to develop relevant and robust content. Thank you!”

– Cristi Jakubik, Head of Marketing, I Hate Receipts

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Content strategy & copywriting for technology companies

If you’re a start-up looking for content that’ll propel your vision further, let’s chat. The Avion team is passionate about technology and can’t wait to meet you.

Till next time!

Natalie and the Avion team



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