April 20, 2018

How choosing a copywriter is like casting an actor in a movie


cinema at night

When you turn up to an audition – whether it’s for a part in a movie, TV show or TVC – you’re greeted with a room full of people who look like you. It’s as if someone did a really average job of cloning you, then arranged a meeting of all the clones. This happens (the room full of lookalikes, not the cloning bit) because the casting agent is after a particular look for the role. The audition is where they sort the clones from the real deal, so to speak.

Choosing a copywriter is much the same: there are a lot of copywriting services out there, so how do you find the “real deal” and avoid the clones? We take a look at how you can cast your leading role and ensure you’ve got a copywriting star on your hands – not a flop.

The audition process is crucial

When choosing a copywriter for your content job, it’s important to see what they can do. One way to audition your copywriter is by seeing some of their previous work. Good content agencies will be able to provide a portfolio or case studies of previous work, and showcase some of their work in action. If they’re happy to showcase what they produce, chances are that their work has been pretty good or seen positive results; either way you’ll know you’re onto a winner.

Their previous roles are a great indicator

Make sure whoever you cast has the relevant experience before signing on the dotted line. After all, you want to know you’ve got the best copywriter for the job. Most good copywriting agencies will freely highlight their past clients or have a “who we’ve worked with” section on their website, as well as be able to provide client testimonials, which act as reviews of previous performances.

This is a good way to see that they understand your industry, and whether they’ve been working with the Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone types, or with … lesser knowns.

You get what you pay for

You could cast an unknown actor for your role and hope they turn into the next big thing – they’d certainly cost you a lot less than a Nicole Kidman or Chris Hemsworth-type would. However, they won’t have the experience, resources and support team around them to deliver on the big stage. And it’s too big of a risk to let your audience (i.e. your customers) down.

Choosing a copywriter is much the same; you could go with a freelancer, who for all intents and purposes is a good writer. But they simply won’t have the support network or pooled knowledge and resources that any good content agency has. A real star will use their talent and experience to put on a great show.

At Avion Communications we’ve played plenty of starring roles, working with big brands across multiple industries throughout Australia, including finance, education, technology and real estate. We know the work that goes on behind the scenes in order to get a production ready for opening night. Get in touch with the Avion team today and cast a copywriting star in your leading role.

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