August 30, 2015

How does a web content strategy benefit your business?


Web content strategy

Web content strategy is the collective name for all the techniques we apply to make sure everything on a website works well together – from the designs, to the accessibility, to the usability, and of course the content on your site.

Although individually, each of these is useful, none of these things will bring great returns on their own. A beautiful site that no one can use won’t help you reach your customers. Neither will great content that no one can find!

So how does web content strategy work? By combining search engine optimisation, user experience, web accessibility, conversion optimisation, digital marketing and web design to create the best possible holistic website for your business.

Keep reading to find out more.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps your customers find you

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a big part of crafting effective web copy. By using the same language your potential customers or clients are using to look for your products or services, you are improving your visibility on search engine results pages. Think of all the different ways your customers might try searching for your services – does your website address them all?

User experience (UX) ensures your customers like using your site

So a potential customer has found your site – but how useful will it be if they can’t make sense of the way the information is laid out? You want to ensure they can find what they’re looking for. So design and write with your customers in mind.

Web accessibility lets everyone use your site

Making your content accessible to all users is not only considerate; it’s mandatory for government sites. Web accessibility (WCAG2.0) allows customers who may be blind or have low vision engage with your website using technology such as a screen reader. Applying techniques such as using the right colour contrasts and heading formats makes your website accessible for people of all abilities.

Conversion optimisation brings a greater return on investment

Is your current website not bringing in the results you had hoped? Web statistics provide insight on what works, what doesn’t, and how you can recreate your successes. Google Analytics will help you to measure this data so you can direct your users to the pages that convert into sales.

Digital marketing makes a holistic campaign strategy

Are you creating a whole digital marketing campaign? Think carefully about how each piece of marketing collateral will work together, comprehensively and complementary. You might like to roll out your campaign across your website, your blog, email newsletters and on social media. An effective campaign is more than just writing for the platform – it’s about considering the content in the context of what you have published already, and what is yet to come.

HTML code and web design makes the whole thing look good

Like a book’s cover, how your website looks is the first impression your customers have of your online presence. Does it represent your business accurately? Think about designs that suit your products and services, and showcase the best of what you offer.

By weaving all these approaches together, we can help you with your web content strategy – bringing you best the returns on investment. Contact us today to discuss how a comprehensive web content strategy for your business can help.

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