February 13, 2020

How to write content for the real estate industry


white and red wooden house miniature on a brown table

Just like property owners looking to sell, real estate businesses need to set themselves apart from their competition. A key aspect of this strategy is producing engaging real estate and property content for your website. 

In order to write great content for your real estate or property business, there are a handful of strategies and areas you can focus on to ensure you engage your customers.

Tell a story of a home, not a house

Research from Smart Insights shows that 86 per cent of consumers prefer authentic and honest brand personalities, and this certainly rings true for the real estate industry. Rather than just simply listing houses and their amenities, you can provide greater human elements to these properties.

For example, you may be selling a three-bedroom house that’s close to a great school and park. Immediately, this is a property that appeals to those looking for a family home, but you can enhance this charm by writing with a sense of storytelling. For example: “With three spacious bedrooms and leading Catholic primary school, St Cristopher’s, a short walk away, this Victorian home is in a perfect location for those starting a family.”

This helps your customers see a whole life with this property, not just the measurements of a house. A broader and more exciting story will resonate with a potential customer, creating a deeper connection to your brand and listings.

Know your target audience

Defining your audience and/or target market is integral to all successful content, and it’s no different when writing for real estate. In a cluttered market of businesses providing similar services, defining who you’re writing for allows you to concentrate on them, rather than spreading yourself thin.

To help understand your audience, it’s helpful to create a customer persona. For example, a 40 to 50-year-old married woman with two kids is going to be looking for different property interests than that of a single 28-year-old man who’s after his first home.

By knowing who your audience is – and their wants and needs – you can craft unique copy that targets the exact consumers your business is looking for.

Have relevant video scripts

Did you know, real estate listings that incorporate video marketing receive a gigantic 403 per cent more enquiries than those without?

Tying back to your target audience, writing a video script comes down to knowing who this video is for and what the video is trying to accomplish. After you have a clear strategy, your script needs to be conversational in tone. Keeping this light but engaging and informative allows the voice-over to complement excellent visuals, rather than overtake them.

This video below is a prime example of a great video script. The narrator immediately explains what the video’s topic is and what you will see. As they explain where these townhouses are, the video aligns with and enhances their words by zooming in on a map of the properties.

Creating cohesion between your script and footage, scene-by-scene and second-by-second, shows professionalism and attention to detail. It also helps keep the viewer engaged, ensuring they aren’t going back and double-checking footage that might be ahead of where the voice-over is.

Boosting great visuals with a concise and conversational script can help lead to dynamite videos for those in the real estate and property sector. This in turn can lead to increased engagement between your business and your customers.

How can you incorporate content for your business?

Utilising any of the aforementioned techniques are just some of the useful ways to write engaging content for your real estate business. If you’re wanting to incorporate content in your real estate or property workplace, but would rather focus on what you do best, bringing in some external help might be your best option. 

At Avion Communications, we’re able to utilise our extensive experience in writing for real estate. Work with us to develop content that highlights your business’ unique personality.

If you’re eager to boost your real estate or property content, get in touch with Avion today.

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