February 2, 2020

Our top 5 favourite chatbots in Australia (right now)


person holding a mobile phone

As you probably know, the team at Avion are all about chatbots. From running workshops to working on conversation design projects, we think this type of technology is and will continue to make big waves in the industry.

While we don’t like to play favourites, there are some particular chatbots that have really taken our fancy. Check them out!

1. NRMA: Arlo the koala

In mid-2019, NRMA launched their ‘home insurance for koalas’ campaign. It was designed to bring awareness to the fact that our favourite furry friends’ homes are being destroyed by bushfires, climate change, and deforestation; it starred none other than Arlo the koala.

Arlo not only became a hit television actor overnight, but was also personified as a chatbot available through NRMA’s Facebook page. Users can chat to Arlo and learn more about koalas and the issues they face, do interactive quizzes, and even report koala they spot. It’s a fantastic example of how a marketing campaign can go beyond the page and really engage people.

2. AAMI’s virtual assistant

With all due respect to customer service specialists, most people don’t want to spend their spare time on the phone asking questions about insurance. AAMI tried to tackle this problem in early 2019, with the launch of their very own chatbot.

You can now get instant answers to a bunch of your questions – from making a claim to getting a quote. We love how it takes a regular interaction with a website and turns it into an incredibly seamless customer experience.

3. ABC News bot

The ABC News chatbot has seen a few iterations since it first launched on Melbourne Cup Day in 2016. Back then, around 70,000 people interacted with it in the first month. These days that number is in the millions.

How do they do it? By turning news into bite-sized, conversational nuggets that actually interest their users. Subscribers can personalise the topics they want to learn about, and enjoy interactive quizzes and special broadcasts during big events like elections, budget announcements, and even the Game of Thrones finale.

4. Tennis Australia: Aus Open Ticket Finder

Since 2017, Tennis Australia has been boosting their sales through their Australian Open ticket-selling chatbot. While it’s not a chatbot that tells jokes or wows you with a diverse knowledge base, we love it because of the way that it focusses on one thing and does that one thing well.

In the first year of operation, Tennis Australia reported the chatbot brought in 170% more conversions than their usual sales methods. That’s the power of making it not only easy, but enjoyable for customers to use your service.

5. Suncorp Bank: Scout

Scout is exclusively available to Suncorp Bank customers who are logged in and using the Suncorp App, and he’s a real treat. Customers can ask general questions about banking, check how much money they have in their account, and stacks more.

Considering banking can be a bit dry, it’s nice to have a digital concierge that’s conversational and friendly guiding your way. So there you have it, some of our favourite chatbots currently making life easier for thousands of Australians. If you’re interested in learning more about chatbots, or even have a project that you want to get started, get in contact with us. We run conversation design workshops and have a wealth of experience writing chatbot responses – see what we can do for you!

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