Suncorp’s Broker Portal: AEM Migration and Content Audit








Screenshot of Broker Portal website homepage, August 2021

Overview of the Broker Portal project

The Suncorp Broker Portal content migration project required a copywriter and content management expert who could work with Adobe’s Experience Manager. Suncorp needed someone who could work comfortably in an agile IT environment with developers, subject matter experts and senior stakeholders.

Avion is experienced at embedding itself into project teams. We work independently and efficiently, while maintaining an understanding of the compliance requirements expected by financial institutions. Actively participating and chairing daily stand-ups with diverse and globally dispersed project teams comes naturally to our team who work with clients around the world.

Process: Collaboration is key

Large migration projects have so many moving parts. Throughout the six months we authored between five development environments, supported Suncorp’s project lead transition.

The success of large website migrations can be influenced by diligent record keeping… “It’s not the first time Avion has managed a large-scale content migration project. Our experience has taught us the importance of transparency across functions, and utilising project management tools to record outputs and progress.” Using Jira and Confluence as the absolute source of truth to manage stakeholder reviews, record compliance sign off, and provide an overview of the project were key.

Working with dispersed project teams across states and cultures requires teams to stay connected and relationships become of utmost importance. Operating Agile meant daily stand ups, where we learnt how to support each other and the project to get it across the line. 

Results: Improved user-experience, modernised content and a new CMS

Working in a project team of over 10 content authors, UX designers, and Adobe integration developers, Avion helped with two releases of the website. A sharp eye for SEO and best practice UX web design was our specialisation. Suncorp needed someone who could edit and migrate, applying their writing style guide and CSS styling into the AEM content management system.

Release 1: Prioritising and redesigning content to support brokers and aggregators

The first release was about guiding the information architecture and ensuring the key pages were rewritten according to accessibility best practice. That meant reviewing headings, reorganising content, and adding appropriate call-to-actions.


  • Providing guidance on best UX principles
  • Auditing and rewriting content using the brand guide
  • Replicating webpages in AEM pages based on InVision designs

Release 2: Intimately collaborating with Suncorp’s communication teams

The highly driven SME lending team has spent years developing a content strategy to support brokers to upskill into business lending. Their educational content includes articles, videos and a podcast series, and is a wealth of knowledge for brokers. Our team was set the task to review and rewrite material to relaunch in a post-pandemic lending environment.

Working intimately with stakeholders is what our clients rely on our team to do. The project team trusted Avion to develop relationships with the product owners, compliance managers and Adobe developers.


  • Working with Salesforce Pardot CRM to measure the most read articles
  • Designing a new face for Suncorp’s education content for SME broker lending

If you’re looking to modernise your content, get in touch with Avion’s team of tech-savvy copywriters who are comfortable with complex migration projects and content audits.

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“Avion exceeded our expectations delivering the requirements on time and to an exception standard allowing the Suncorp team to manage other deliverables within the project.”

Emily Angelini – Ecommerce Online Experience Manager