Compelling Website Copywriting for the New Telstra Creator Space









Having worked with the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Engineering & IT (FEIT) before, Avion was thrilled when it knocked on our door. The team wanted help with a new initiative: launching a contemporary fabrication lab called the Telstra Creator Space, in the heart of the University’s innovation precinct.

We were invited for a tour of the space and enamoured by its facilities and design. A lot of thought had been put into the student experience and we found ourselves wishing we were students again.

The challenge was to write copy for the Telstra Creator Space website that matched the same level of care we saw physically. We wanted students, especially those in first year, to feel welcome and inspired to use the facilities available to them.

To do so, there were some issues to overcome:

  • The venue was physically distant from the main campus. It was located on the other side of Swanston Street in a new building. How could we promote the idea that the space and University were connected?
  • There was a lot of new technology as well as industry tools and equipment. How could we introduce and explain them in a way that students could understand?
  • The onboarding process was complicated. Many processes were in place to ensure safety for users. How could we simplify the steps in a way that was achievable for students to accomplish?

Writing for education

Step one: Audit

We kicked off this project with a strategic review of assets and the sitemap, suggesting a consolidated IA. Applying a fresh perspective and focus on student experience in mind, the IA was developed to be straightforward, clear, and compelling.

Step two: Stakeholder workshop

Next, we gathered all the information required for copywriting and held a planned on-site content workshop with stakeholders. Our focus was on how students would interact with the space, as well as how the Faculty supported students using it. The workshop was concise and productive, giving everyone the chance to voice their input whilst keeping the ball rolling.

Step three: Content production

Finally, we delivered 32 pages of optimised web copy along with a few design recommendations. These were based on our strong knowledge of the faculty’s existing web templates. It also helped us to ensure that the copy would be read in the most effective way.

It’s natural to want to convey as much as possible when you’re launching a new project. However, it’s easy to get lost in the details and try to explain everything. So we had to take a step back and assess the content carefully. Every word was written with a diverse student demographic in mind.

Always make decisions that consider the user—have you provided visual aids to help them skim? Do the menu items make sense? Are the page titles accurate? The list can go on and on, because we’ve seen the powerful impact of concise language on readership!


The new website for Telstra Creator Space is accessible and engaging to read. It attracts users who want to learn about this space and make an exciting change in their learning journey. The content inspires action with concise instructions on the onboarding process.

The copy speaks to the experience of a future or current student, with personalised, jargon-free, and user-first language. The pages follow a logical navigation route that showcases information and support relevant to their needs.

More importantly, it showcases the world class service that this new space is providing. Without getting lost in the details, we leave just enough information to keep the reader curious and inspired to visit the space and check it out for themselves—because that’s the most exciting part!

> Visit the Telstra Creator Space Website

“Thank you for helping us with so many projects over the years. I have always had great experiences working with Avion.”

Tony Zara – Online Communications Manager, Marketing and Communications, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Melbourne