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Before and after shot of one of the course pages.


As experts in writing for education, we jumped at the chance to help relaunch the website for the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA). Backed by the Health Careers Group, IHNA has been delivering healthcare courses online and in person since 2007.

Our challenge was to help redevelop a brand-new website for an interactive, engaging, and student-focused experience. The relaunch entailed a complete website audit of 72 pages, IA redesign, and copy production for the top 25 pages.

We had to move quickly and efficiently since IHNA was managing moving parts and a shifting landscape for students.

So what did success look like? It included a thorough content audit and clear direction for content that delivered:

  • Clarity, engagement and help
  • A clear and logical information hierarchy
  • User-friendly and inclusive language
  • Best practice SEO and web accessibility
  • Consistency in IHNA’s tone of voice.

After a virtual kick-off meeting, we were ready to begin.


Equipped with our understanding of IHNA’s brand and intentions, we began sifting carefully through 72 pages of the website. One of the first steps was creating a sitemap to help redevelop the information architecture. This was detailed with our analysis and recommendations.

As a provider for healthcare training in Australia, it’s really important to make sure visitors on the website can find the right course and relevant information. This can help someone decide whether or not to upskill and access a future of employment that could significantly impact their life.

With this in mind, we carefully selected which pages to keep and how to transform them for a better experience. All our recommendations and key insights were produced in a report that outlined clear content wins and how to go about with the redevelopment of the selected top 25 pages.

Course pages made up most of the new copy we were writing, so it was important for this to adhere to various academic and legal compliances. We produced batches of content in order to keep our turnaround fast-paced with concurrent sprints of revisions from different stakeholders. The fast-paced, high-quality output helped IHNA stay on schedule.


IHNA’s new website is more engaging to read for users who want to upskill and make a change in their lives. The content inspires action with more time spent on course pages, enabling a higher number of enquiries.

We re-imagined the traditional experience of course pages and created an accessible educational content design. It speaks to the experience of a future or current student, with personalised, user-first language. The pages follow a logical navigation route that best showcases help, information and support relevant to their needs.

Our copy also conveys five key messages as recurring themes on every page, which are IHNA’s central ideas:

  • Healthcare experts
  • Career-focused
  • Innovative facilities
  • Holistic support
  • Research opportunities

These help boost a user’s understanding of the unique value that IHNA brings as a top healthcare education provider.

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“What I often find challenging when working with external organisations is the lack of transparency around what you are actually getting at the end of the day. But we did not face that issue with Avion. Natalie and her team at Avion were an absolute pleasure to work with. The gold standard of customer experience in my opinion. Thanks Natalie and team!”

Bindiya Bijo – Business Development Associate, Health Careers International