October 9, 2014

How far do you go to personalise content?


Screenshot of new 2014 VCA website

Kogan, the online electronics superstore, just moved in down the road – into the same building as my partner, Conor (who works for Bike Exchange).

Founder Ruslan Kogan – who became Australia’s richest man under 40 at the age of 31 – says one of his key strategies for success is personalising web content. And not just names on emails; he means customising the actual content on his site.

> When his mum visits his website, the description for a TV says ‘Large flatscreen TV good for watch movies and sport’.

> When an IT guy logs onto the site, it automatically changes to ’45 inch LCD HDTV 60hertz blah blah’.

How does he do this? His team reviews Google search terms and audits your entire Facebook account when you log in (creepy!), figuring out who you are and what you like.

For everyday people like you and me, how can we copy this model to better communicate with viewers?

I suggest we ask ourselves what we know (or what else we can find out) about our customers. Then tailor the language on our sites in a way that connects with them. What do you think?

Till next month…

Best wishes, from Natalie and the Avion team

P.S Oh, I’m proud to welcome Tyco to my client portfolio – the world’s largest fire protection and security company.

P.P.S. I’m also thrilled to see the Victorian College of the Arts’ stunning new website (see screenshot below). Thank you Kieran for getting me involved!

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