January 12, 2020

Simple ways you can personalise your content


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Personalisation is on the lips of every content marketer at the moment, and rightly so. According to Monetate, 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalise their shopping experience. Whether it’s Spotify’s curated personal playlists or ASOS’ customised navigation experience – personalisation has become part and parcel of the customer experience.

Here’s how you can personalise your content strategy without bucketloads of data or complex algorithms.

Add a face to your communications

Did you know that our brains become more ecstatic when we hear our own name? When you add someone’s name to your communications, it acknowledges their humanity. If you’re sending a newsletter, eDM, quote or automated message, addressing your customer’s first name in the subject line can really add a personal touch.

If you’re a Mailchimp user, read this super simple guide on how to do this for your database.

Get insight into your customers’ behaviours

Getting to know your customers better is essential in developing a more tailored customer experience. Knowing what makes your customers tick, what they like and what they value can help to lay the groundwork for your personalised content strategy.

Getting customer data can be much easier (and more fun!) than you think. Things like interactive quizzes, surveys and forms are a great way to gather insight. Once you have the info and the customer base, you can segment your customers into things like gender, location, age, and hobbies – whatever floats their boat!

Taking this a step further, delve into things like, what are your customer’s goals? What are their pain points? Why have they come to your website? How can you solve their problems? What are their values? From here, you can get a better picture for how your content could be more fitted to their needs.

Look at the trends of customer traits and create profiles that encapsulate the kind of customers that your content needs to speak to.

Create persona-driven content for your customers

Now you have a little bit more insight into who your customers are, you can tweak your message to be more targeted and relevant to speak to their desires.  

For example, let’s say you’re trying to start your own online clothing website. By getting them to fill out an interactive form or quiz, you can create customised emails, blog posts and social media content with tailored content to suit their style.

The same goes for geographic location. Clothes to suit their current season or a local store finder can make customers really feel like the content is specific to them.

Don’t know where to begin? Here at Avion Communications we have a dedicated team of content strategists who can help you hit that engagement sweet spot with your customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help curate more personalised content for your customer base.

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