July 4, 2017

Tips from our Melbourne copywriters: How to improve existing campaigns


Melbourne copywriters

You’re running campaigns that are getting results and engaging visitors. But maybe you’re looking towards the future and thinking about how you can improve. Or perhaps your numbers aren’t where you would like them to be.

You might be planning your next campaign and want to start strong. No matter where you are on the planning process, taking another look at your copywriting could give your campaign the push it needs. Here’s how:

1. Take another look at your audience personas

You might have an idea who your campaign is targeting, but it is never a bad idea to be more thorough. You already have people who have been engaging your content, so you know who is interested.

Neil Patel, owner of Neilpatel.com, recommends sending a questionnaire or a survey to get a more precise image of your audience. That way, you can start revising your copy in order to match the new personas.

As expert copywriters, we know the importance of understanding our audience to a tee – at campaign level. For example, a Sydney copywriter may mistakenly assume an initial persona of 25-34 year old university students studying at UNSW, when the actual respondents to the campaign are actually 18-24 years old. By looking at the personas that are responding to your campaign, you can see what works and what needs to be changed.

2. Write copy around relieving a pain

Your initial copy may be addressing features, which is wonderful. But it may also be a good idea to take a look at what pains your campaign could relieve.

Charles Ngo of charlesngo.com recommends showing the audience the potential negatives if they don’t respond to a campaign. Audiences respond to pain points as much, if not stronger, than happiness.

It helps to focus in on a target persona because their pain is apparent. A Melbourne copywriter might focus their campaign copy on potential tram delays, while a Sydney content writer might focus on a pain of crowded motorways.

3. Turn your copy into a story

Your copy grabs attention and provides value. To remain in your audience’s heads a lot longer, you can tell a story with your copy.

People remember stories more than they remember catchy one-liners or phrases. Ben Settle of Copyblogger mentions how a movie convinced people to buy products. You can apply the same idea to your campaign copy, even better if it’s a story your audience can relate to.

A Melbourne content writer isn’t going to pick a story that happened to someone else. They will create a story from their personal experiences and make it relatable to others. Tara Shields Kinesiology is one example, where she talks about her stress from her busy Melbourne life and how that led her to start her Kinesiology practice.

If you’d like to get more copywriting ideas, give us a call. We’ll walk you through additional steps that will uncover new ideas for audience engagement.

*Victor Tan is a guest copywriter contributing to the Avion blog.

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