September 10, 2019

Top Tech Trends Debate 2019: A new space for commerce

Troy McCann

This year’s Top Tech Trends Debate (TTTD), presented by The Churchill Club, involved four pitches from innovative panellists forecasting their view of the next big thing in tech.

Each speaker had three minutes to convince the audience (and the panel) that their emerging tech trend would have an impact in the next three to five years.

The entire Avion team has a keen interest in emerging technology across industries, exploring how and when it can impact the numerous subject areas we deal with as content experts. With The Churchill Club focused on bringing together thought leaders to discuss emerging tech trends, the TTTD is one event that Avion Communications is proud to be partnered with.

This article is one of four that looks at the trends discussed and how each trend was received by the wider audience at the TTTD 2019. The first trend the audience got to witness was out of this world – literally.

Transitioning to outer space

Kicking off the TTTD for 2019 was Troy McCann, founder of Moonshot Space Co

At Moonshot, McCann works on growing the space economy, helping businesses and individuals transition their resources for space commercialisation, essentially making space easy for companies.

McCann’s rapid and vibrant pitch was centred around the idea of existing industries directly using space as a location for commercial activity.

Tying back to humanity’s reliance on space for our global economy, McCann showcased current examples, including:

  • farmers using earth observation satellites for agricultural management
  • Google Maps and Uber using satellites to help us know where we are at any time.

McCann pitched that an explosion of new commercial opportunities were set to be created in space. The audience was left wide-eyed upon learning that the average person can create their own commercial space opportunity for less than the cost of a Boost Juice franchise.

From the final frontier to the next opportunity

McCann explained how over the last 15 years, space has transitioned from being strictly in the realm of tech billionaires and government bodies to something within the reach of business owners. More talk around space has occurred because of the cheaper cost to send utilities and resources into space.

Highlighting how 3D-printed human tissue was happening in orbit, McCann also discussed big data’s ability to drive commerce in space, and how it would continue to provide further commercial opportunities.

Being able to monitor information in real-time millions of miles above our heads, big data has been collected and used for space mining, by organisations such as Woodside Energy.

Woodside currently uses more than 30 engineers who work with NASA to translate their intellectual property for use in space, showcasing the opportunities being created among the stars.

Big data and commercial opportunity is something that we’ve noticed throughout marketing campaigns, so it was intriguing to hear how this new space venture would be impacted by large datasets. 

Translatable across industries such as medicine, defense, agriculture, mining or logistics, the opportunities of space are infinite. Space may even play host to craft beer, with 4 Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics partnering to create the world’s first beer for space! While the project has still some way to go before coming to fruition, it shows the scope and possibilities that can come with commercial space ventures.

What was the reaction to this galactical pitch?

McCann’s pitch ranked third amongst the audience’s votes, with panelists contesting whether budgetary constraints and timeframe would be things halting space opportunities in the near future.

Nevertheless, McCann provided an eye-opening discussion on how financial ventures were heading into orbit for greater and more exciting opportunities.

With emerging tech and discovery at the forefront of our minds at Avion Communications, partnering with The Churchill Club on this event was a great honour. Explore what other exciting tech-focused events are coming up, or become a member of The Churchill Club today to gain exclusive access to event reports, plus a range of other benefits.

Our team of forward-thinking copywriters are continually excited about the implications of technology. We can help your business leverage digital tools to step into the newest tech developments with ease and confidence. If you’re interested in working with writers who distill the complex into simple, comprehensible and results-orientated copy, contact Avion today.

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