September 12, 2019

Top Tech Trends Debate 2019: A personal AI sidekick

Dave King

This year’s Top Tech Trends Debate (TTTD), presented by The Churchill Club, allowed audiences to witness four pitches from innovative panellists forecasting their view of the next big thing in tech.

Each speaker had three minutes to convince the audience (and the panel) that their emerging tech trend would have an impact in the next three to five years.

The entire Avion team has a keen interest in emerging technology across industries, exploring how and when it can impact the numerous subject areas we deal with as copywriters. With The Churchill Club focused on bringing together thought leaders to discuss emerging technology, the TTTD is one event that Avion Communications is proud to be partnered with.

This article is one of four that looks at the trends discussed and how each trend was received by the wider audience at the TTTD 2019. This next trend looks at the creative progressions that are set to impact artificial intelligence (AI), and how machine learning (ML) can influence our day-to-day thought process.

AI and ML are not slowing down

After interesting discussions on space economy ventures and the Australian video game industry, Dave King took to the stage.

King is the founder and CEO of Move 37, where he works on augmenting ideation and conceptual imagination with creative AI. Before Move 37, King founded the award-winning independent creative agency The Royals.  

King’s trend focussed on new possibilities with AI, specifically how we will develop a reliance on a creative AI sidekick to help us with crucial thinking and problem solving. Proposing that this creative AI could help augment our own creative capabilities, King had the audience eagerly waiting for more information.

An AI creative thought partner

King was quick to dispel some of the main fears of AI, including their so-called mission to take our jobs and perceived lack of capabilities. With the power of natural language processing (NLP) and conversational design, King explained that in the future we will have AI systems to help our thought processes.

Essentially an AI partner to bounce ideas off and help us get better, this idea of conceptual creativity had members of the audience intrigued.

This AI “sidekick” would know how we work and how we could maximise our capabilities, using NLP to understand the “why” behind the data we provide. Having AI help our everyday menial tasks is nothing new, but one that can help augment our creative thinking? That was definitely an eye-opening potential trend for the future.

Could King gather his own sidekicks?

King’s emerging tech trend proved to be popular with the audience, ranking second in this engaging debate. The sentiment was shared by the panellists, with J.J. Hastings bringing up how our ideas of privacy may need to shift for creative AI to make an impact.

Important discussions around ethics and AI also set to have an impact on how King’s creative assistant may be used, and the Avion team is eager to hopefully see this trend come to life in the coming years.

With emerging tech and discovery at the forefront of our minds at Avion Communications, partnering with The Churchill Club on this event was a great honour. Explore what other exciting tech-focused events are coming up, or become a member of The Churchill Club today to gain exclusive access to event reports, plus a range of other benefits.

Working with AI and conversational design is a key part of our copywriting team’s capabilities. So if you’re interested in our unique ability to implement best practice copy for your AI systems, contact Avion today.

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