September 11, 2019

Top Tech Trends Debate 2019: Australian gaming in the cloud

Charmaine Green

This year’s Top Tech Trends Debate (TTTD), presented by The Churchill Club, allowed audiences to witness four pitches from innovative panellists forecasting their view of the next big thing in tech.

Each speaker had three minutes to convince the audience (and the panel) that their emerging tech trend would have an impact in the next three to five years.

The entire Avion team have a keen interest in emerging technology across industries, exploring how and when it can impact the numerous subject areas we deal with as copywriters. With The Churchill Club focused on bringing together thought leaders to discuss emerging tech trends, the TTTD is one event that Avion Communications is proud to be partnered with.

This article is one of four that looks at the trends discussed and how each trend was received by the wider audience at the TTTD 2019.

After hearing a pitch on commercial ventures heading into orbit, this next trend presents an exciting opportunity for creative Australian minds in video games.

The rise of cloud-based gaming

Our second trend of the night was presented by Charmaine Green, Manager, Media & Advertising Management Consultant at PwC Australia.

PwC does an exceptional job of connecting businesses, ideas, people and technology, delivering their services to over 5,000 clients.

Green’s pitch centred around imagination and the future of game development in Australia.

With cloud services taking the entertainment industry by storm, both Apple and Google have worked to develop a streaming service for gaming, similar to what Netflix has done for movies and television. With this explosion in cloud gaming, an unprecedented demand for creative developers has started to occur. Green’s trend proposed that Australia’s ability to provide technical expertise and creative imagination would allow Australia to dominate on the global stage.

Australia is set to build new worlds with success

Green contended that Australia’s pole position in this burgeoning cloud gaming industry was due to three specific trends:

  1. Our world is becoming more tribal – seen in social media movements such as #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and #MeToo
  2. Ballooning demand for products to provide escapism, such as VR and Netflix
  3. Video games demanding ‘share of wallet’, with video game revenue surpassing movie box office figures.

These trends are set to create demand for developers who have the ability to build new worlds for people to immerse themselves within. With this in mind, Australia is well placed to make video game development a key contributor to our economy.

With high ingenuity, creative risk-taking and the freedom of small studios ready to work on the next big thing, Green proclaimed there was no reason that Australia couldn’t take charge with cloud gaming.  With the Hollywood formula of mass marketing culture and distribution dying out, Australia’s video game industry is in the perfect spot to dominate with niche, escapist video game worlds.

Did the audience think Australia’s video game industry was an emerging trend?

Green’s discussion of Australia’s position as a global force in video games caused some disagreement among the panel and the audience.

With questions of limitations around Australia’s questionable NBN service and the impact of tribalism, Green’s trend ranked fourth in the debate.

It will be interesting to see whether Green’s prediction of Australian video game dominance comes to the fore in the next three to five years, and provide a major boom to our economy.

With emerging tech and discovery at the forefront of our minds at Avion Communications, partnering with The Churchill Club on this event was a great honour. Explore what other exciting tech-focused events are coming up, or become a member of The Churchill Club today to gain exclusive access to event reports, plus a range of other benefits.

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