July 31, 2020

How we’ve tackled the challenges of remote work


Avion crew

Hey there,

While it may seem like a lifetime ago, in reality us Avionites have only been working remotely for four months. But what a life-altering few months it’s been.

As a small team working across a wide variety of projects, we’ve always relied on one another. Before the outbreak we talked through new projects, potential obstacles and growth strategies in-person nearly every day. In the face of COVID-19, we’ve had to adjust the way we work – and how we support each other.

We know we aren’t alone in the challenges we’ve faced, or the learnings we’ve uncovered. So, we thought we’d take a closer look at what we’ve discovered during these last four months, and how we’ve grown as a team. Read on to find out more.

Honest communication is more important than ever

As a team of writers, we’re particularly skilled at putting pen to paper. Transparent communication is vital to every element of our work, from the strategies we create for our clients to the advice we provide via our blog. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our commitment to excel in our roles as honest communicators hasn’t wavered. If anything, it’s stronger than ever. With our clients and partners, this means being clear and concise about how we can help during this difficult time. Amongst our team, it means checking-in regularly and supporting each other to continue delivering our best work.

In a time when there’s so much uncertainty, it’s a comfort to have the sense of comradery and optimism that comes from an open and honest conversation.

We’ve had to change with the times

As a team of strategists and writers, we pride ourselves on being able to think on our feet. When the pandemic hit, we had to kick this collective ability into overdrive.

Many of our services are geared to our strengths – content strategy, content audits and copywriting. While we’ve kept the core of our business aligned to these elements, we’ve had to take stock and carefully plan how each stage of our workflow could be done remotely. With a record number of industry leaders indicating the shift to remote work could be permanent, we knew we had to look ahead and plan for a longer-term remote future.

We may be physically distant, but we’ve found ways to stay connected. Whether it’s through lively GIF-related Slack chats or Zoom client workshops, we’re constantly finding creative ways to lift our spirits and help our clients reach new heights.

Our skills are vital in the COVID-era

The pandemic has heralded in a lot of changes. As every industry grapples with shifts to processes, policies and regulations, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed for our industry: quality content is still king.

Content can inspire, educate or entertain. It can help make genuine connections and push creativity to new limits. Great content can help brands become storytellers and a trusted source for important information – even during the most challenging of times. At Avion Communications, we’re passionate about creating content that connects with audiences and encourages businesses to grow. If you’d like to have an open and honest chat about your content, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today.

Until next time,

Claire & the Avion team



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