August 31, 2021

What your website should say about your business


Nat and Vesta, Avion crew

From your potential client’s perspective, your website says a lot about your business—whether you like it or not. That’s why it’s crucial you approach any website rebrand or refresh with a strong sense of how you want your website to look, feel, and sound.

Having recently rebranded and overhauled our website, this article explores the key areas we focused on to ensure our new site communicated what Avion is, and what we stand for.

Your website needs to tell the right story

The old Avion website told the story of a Melbourne content marketing and copywriting agency—which is what we were. But since its inception in 2009, Avion has grown up. A lot. So our website needed to reflect this change.

How do you go about showing growth from a solo operation in Melbourne, Australia, to a 10-person team with a footprint in the US and UK?

Sharing the Avion 2021 journey

Our approach was to tell our story visually. As soon as you land on the Avion homepage you see a video with images of Melbourne, Austin, San Francisco and London, and the word “Avion” placed centre stage. The video then fades and is replaced by the words “Meet Avion. An independent global content strategy and copywriting agency.” We wanted to focus on who we are right from the start. (And as we’ve written about before: visual content, guided by good written content, goes a long way.)

We then continue this storytelling further down the page in our ‘About us’ panel. Here we communicate where we’ve come from, how we’ve got where we are (i.e. the challenges we’ve overcome), and our DNA: “Creative solutions to complicated problems.”

Want to get in touch with our Australian, US, or UK team? You can find contact numbers, along with each region’s current time and date in our website’s footer.

Your website must speak your values

For a long time, price and product were two key differentiators for brands. However, when it comes to Gen Z and Millennial customers, what a company stands for (i.e., its values) is just as important. Companies that stay silent on important societal issues, such as the environment and equality (e.g., gender and race) are getting left behind.

Avion has a long history of communicating our values to the world, and living them too. (We’ve gone Plastic Free to reduce waste, and marched as a team, taking a stance against climate change inaction.)

Our new website needed to align with our values, and put them front and centre—so prospective client know where we stand. You can find out what we believe in on our About Us page.

Acknowledging the traditional owners of the lands we work on—both in Australia and the US—is important to Avion living and communicating its values. You can find our acknowledgement of country in the footer.

When it comes to communicating your values, authenticity is everything. Audiences look for language and content to trust, and are intuitive when it comes to recognising both authentic and inauthentic messages. As we discuss in our blog, authenticity is a key element of a successful content strategy in 2021.

Thinking about overhauling your website and want to make sure it says the right things about your business? Get in touch with our expert content strategists now. Avion—creating tomorrow’s content today.

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