December 16, 2020

Where in the world is Natalie Khoo—and what’s next for Avion?


Hi there,

Wow. What a rollercoaster of 2020. Melbourne > Austin > London > Melbourne.

I moved to the US at the start of this year to launch Avion’s first international office. It was thrilling, but then COVID happened. My partner’s father was also diagnosed with cancer, so James and I decided to relocate to the UK (where his family lives).

Our plan was to wait for COVID to disappear then return to the US. But with the pandemic still around and 2021 upon us, James and I have decided to return to Melbourne in January to reset. If you’re reading this from Australia, rejoice! I’ll be reaching out for coffee very soon.

Avion going global

Despite the uncertainty, Avion has done exceptionally well this year. Remote work has opened opportunities we never thought possible. While living in the US and the UK, I’ve successfully collaborated with clients in many time zones. The Melbourne team has also stepped up in ways a business owner could only ever dream of.

To celebrate this remarkable journey, we’re in the process of rebranding. The clip below is a preview. I can’t wait to share the new Avion website with you early next year.

Avion in Australia

Although we’ve worked on a wide range of projects across various industries this year, there’s one sector that has stood out: health. Our proudest moments include the go-live of nationally renowned brands the Heart Foundation, Kidney Health Australia, and the Young Onset Dementia Hub for Dementia Australia. We’ve also continued our great work with Virgin Active and headspace.

“Rhys, Jacinta and the team approached the project with enthusiasm, creativity and a focus to deliver on time. They perfectly understood the project requirements and enhanced the quality of content by expertly aligning the copy to the needs of our diverse audience. We had a great experience working with the team!” – Sona Babbar, Digital Content Lead

Avion in the Americas

While Avion USA’s offices are in San Francisco and Austin, we work with clients from Vancouver to Virginia. Many are tech focused; there has been astounding growth in the software space. Some brands we’re privileged to work with include Gartner, Nitro, Forcepoint and InMoat. We’ll continue partnering with them remotely and look to build a local team of content specialists in the near future.

Avion in the UK & Europe

In unexpected but exciting news, Avion has registered a London office and now will be partnering with clients in the EMEA region. Jolly good! This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know my determination to turn any curveball into an opportunity.

Avion’s expertise in financial services and tech will be a huge advantage in this market. To kick things off, we’ve been collaborating with the London team from Melbourne’s own StudioHawk. Watch this space as we scale up next year.

Making it to 2021

Avion would not have survived 2020 if it wasn’t for the amazing commitment, talent, and grit of our Melbourne team. Working from home, leading with initiative, and problem solving a myriad of business and client challenges while I’ve been away… They’ve done it all and have seriously earned their post-lockdown dinner party, and more.

A very special thank you goes out to Rhys Martin (Head of Delivery) and Claire Hielscher (Head of Content), who have gone above and beyond. They have not skipped a beat running Avion headquarters and the business is even stronger than it was this time last year.

To all our clients who have signed on—or stayed with us—I say thank you too. It’s been a pleasure supporting your goals and we look forward to a bigger, better, brighter 2021.

Happy holidays and stay safe, Natalie.



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