September 29, 2021

Who writes your copy? Spotlight on… Ben Hucker

Ben in Bega after a trip down the East Coast of NSW in May 2021


I’m Ben, a copywriter and content strategist at Avion. If that second part made you scratch your head, I encourage you to read more about content strategy in 2021.

I’ve only been at Avion for a couple of months, but what a journey it’s been already. Managing stakeholder signoffs in a short timeframe, juggling multiple pieces of work at once, and delivering high volumes of quality content is par for the course.

Highlights and key insights

I’ve written for several industries over the past 7 years since beginning my journey as a freelance copywriter. From finance to technology, healthcare to adventure sports, and a lot in-between (I even once wrote a product description for a toilet seat!).

While my focus to-date has been SEO copywriting, I’m now applying other skills like writing long-form content—which is super effective if you get it right. I’m also creating video scripts to accompany the launch of a new app for a client. When not writing for clients, I like to blog about storytelling for businesses, and behavioural psychology. My favourite author is Michael Lewis—Liars Poker, Moneyball, The Undoing Project, The Premonition. If I can write half as well as Michael some-day, I’ll be happy.

Fun facts about me

  1. I’m the founder and co-host of a podcast called the Surf Coast Creatives based in Torquay, Australia.
  2. I surf at least twice a week, and sometimes more, but that might change with a baby on the way.
  3. I switched to a vegan diet for 14 months, but now eat more meat than most carnivores—I gave it a shot.

If you’d like to learn a little more about content strategy or have some content that needs polishing, feel free to email me.

Surf’s up!

Ben & the Avion team



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