July 29, 2021

Who writes your copy? Spotlight on… Doug Ross


Doug Ross, Avion copywriter

Hi there,

I’m one of Avion’s Senior Copywriters, having recently joined the team in June. I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about where I’ve come from and what attracted me to Avion in the first place.

Freelance, client-side, agency-side…

Copywriters work in all sorts of settings. I started out as a freelancer, as so many of us do, with my first client in the publishing industry. Managing a research team of five and a slightly rambunctious author, I learned the value of great comms skills and a diplomatic touch.

A chunk of my career has been client-side, working across both tech and retail. Working in London, I interviewed thought leaders across the tech industry, while in Melbourne I helped shape the storytelling behind outdoor brand Kathmandu’s 30+ years in sustainable materials development.

I jumped on board with Avion this year because it was a particular kind of agency.

Everyone lives and breathes communications and strategy at Avion. This specialisation as a content agency is what appealed to me. I found my tribe! I knew I would learn so much and be able to exercise my broad skillset in a truly receptive environment. I haven’t been disappointed. In only a month, I’ve worked across a range of industries and with clients around the globe. Help build better student experiences in the US on a Monday? Check. Spend my Tuesday helping to simplify car insurance for Australians? Check.

Fun facts about me

  1. I studied classical guitar up to university level. I secretly wish I was Spanish… but ‘Doug Ross’ doesn’t sound like a flamenco maestro, does it?
  2. Talking about that name… did my parents name me after George Clooney’s character in ER? Nope. They didn’t even know who he was.
  3. And while we’re on my parents—they were professional opera singers in a former life. It doesn’t make sense why I can’t hold a tune…

If you’ve got a tricky problem to tackle, such as with your messaging, content strategy, or you want to improve your website or app, send me an email. I love sitting down one-on-one and figuring out how I can help people with their communications.

Have a wonderful week!

Doug & the Avion team



By Shawn Roe, One Design

This article was written at a time when ‘UX Writer’ was a burgeoning term around the world. Folk were realising the traditional ‘Art Director/Copywriter’ role in advertising related to content development more widely. You can’t develop strong tools and digital experiences without someone who understands the story and the user’s perspective from the get-go.


By Katherine Buzza, Avion

We hear about ‘bias’ a lot, often when it comes to hiring policies and processes. But this article dives much deeper to look at how some of the most common biases, like the ‘bizarreness effect’, can help shape and improve content strategies.

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