October 18, 2018

Why you should share your business values with the world


Avion values board

Simon Sinek hit the nail on the head when he made this comment in a 2009 TED Talk: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

He’s talking about the fact that customers are more drawn to what you believe in and what your business cares about than you may think. (If you haven’t seen his Ted Talk, go and check it out!)

Why you need to define your business’ values

Businesses rarely take the time to sit down and hash out their values. It’s unfortunate, because this is such an important exercise to do – one the Avion team did back in 2017.

Defining your business’ values will help you in a few ways:

Values provide purpose

Better understand the purpose of what you do – why you and your team get out of bed every day and come into work. You don’t need to pull these values out of thin air. By taking a collaborative approach and getting your team together to workshop your business’ values, everyone is able to contribute and “buy in”.

Values highlight opportunities

Begin to think beyond the products and services you offer, and start to identify new opportunities to add value to customers in other ways. Kind of like how our Managing Director Natalie Khoo is on the committee of The Churchill Club, because she is passionate about emerging tech and this is a great way to get more involved in that community. Getting your values down on paper may also help you identify potential clients or other businesses you could work with.

Values stimulate audience connection

When you know what you value, you better understand your ideal audience – these are the people that probably choose your business for the way you conduct yourself and the things you care about. Believe it or not – they care about these things too, and they’re keen for meaningful discussions!

Values can provide content ideas

Defining your values will provide the perfect platform to work up a bunch of meaningful ideas for blog articles and social posts that align with your brand and speak to your audience.

How to share your business values

Once you’ve got your values written down, don’t be shy: share them with the world.

Put them on your website, work them into your branding, make a video, write blog posts, flaunt them on social media. Most importantly, live and breathe your business’ values. Be genuine in your interactions with customers and clients, and they’ll start to respond.

Need help with working your business’ brand values into your content strategy? Our copywriters are experts in this area. Reach out for a chat about how we can help you.

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